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Project Roster


■September 2011-August 2014

The project provides technical assistance for the Microfinance Institutions in Mindanao, Philippines in order to reinforce the financial access to the small-scale farmers who have been left out from the financial services. It is commissioned by JICA through its grassroots technical assistance program. It aims at building the organizational capacity of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the Philippines, especially targeted two MFIs in Mindanao, one of the poorest areas in the Philippines.


■July 2010-March 2011

Research cum technical assistance on the development of value chain finance product and human resource training for loan officers for First Microfinance Bank in Pakistan (FMFB-P): It provided technical assistance to the FMFB trough the conduct of value chain based product development and human resource training needs assessment for the field officers. The project was funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 's private investment division. JICA became a shareholder of the FMFB-P in 2012 as the first initiative for its division. 

Cambodia and Vietnam

■February 2010-June 2010

The study on clothing needs for the poor households in Cambodia and Vietnam for the large apparel company in Japan. It provided consultation on the social business model by improving poor's livelihood and making it a sustainable business using microfinance. It conducted survey to 600 respondents and identified potential MFIs to be partnered with.

Kenya and Uganda

■October 2010-March 2011

Feasibility study on the rural electrification through the bio-diesel in Kenya and Uganda funded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan partnering with Toyota Tsusho. It studied on the business model to promote small farmers to cultivate jatropha through microfinance institutions and support rural electrification through turing the jatropha into the bio-diesel. locally.

Indonesia and Bangladesh

■October 2008-December 2009

Rural electrification through solar technology: mobilizing micro-credit to enable poor households to purchase solar home systems, bringing light into their homes for the first time.

Japan and Samoa

■October 2007-September 2008

Microfinance Career Kick-Start Internship program: PlaNet Finance Japan interns collaborate on developing Japanese-language microfinance training material, followed by a six-month internship at a microfinance institution.

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