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Microfinance Technical Assistance Projects in Developing Countries

 Implementing a project to enhance institutional capacities of cooperatives, whose goals are to improve the livelihoods of small-scale, low income farmers affected by Typhoon Haiyen in the Philippines.

 Supporting JICA's financial inclusion project for smallhoder families in Albania

Improving livelihoods of small scale, Low income Farmers affected by Typhoon Haiyan: September 2015 - February 2019

  Leyte was an area heavily affected by typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 and PPJ is helping contribute to the area’s recovery process.  We are implementing a JICA funded project aimed at improving the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Leyte, Philippines through the enhancement of microfinance services. 

  We provide technical assistance to microfinance institutions (MFIs) rather than directly working with small-scale farmers as we believe that the realization of sustainable financing mechanisms is a unique and effective way of improving their livelihoods.  Working directly with the MFIs also ensures the sustainability of the Project mission. 

  More importantly, we are committed to: 

  1.   Assisting MFIs in developing and implementing a new microfinance loan product designed especially for small-scale farmers;
  2.   Developing MFI staff facilitation skills to conduct financial literacy trainings to small-scale farmers; and
  3. Enhancing MFIs’ institutional capacity through the introduction of social performance management. 

  In 2017 we collaborated closely with a local NGO, “ACCESS Advisory,” and the National Confederation of Cooperatives to implement major activities.  These included training of trainers on financial literacy; and designing and launching a new agricultural microfinance loan product.  As these are new and challenging exercises for our partner MFIs, it took us more than six months to complete all the steps.  We also took some time to understand the problems that local MFIs face and the difficulties in implementing this Project.  Despite these, 2017 was a fruitful and successful year due to the abundant positive feedback we received from the MFIs regarding the amount of progress and improvement they have accomplished

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During the Financial Literary training, participants enjoy preparing their "Dream Board". This is a tool that enables you to visualize your dream.

  Loan Administration Training held in August 2017 in Caligara, Leyte. 


JICA Smallholder Families' Financial Inclusion Project in Albania: October 2017 - September 2021

  From October 2017 to September 2021, JICA is promoting financial inclusion for smallholder families in Albania.  The aim of the project is to help smallholder families establish economic fundamentals.  PPJ is engaged in this project in cooperation with Kaihatsu Management Consulting, Inc., which is managing this Project.  

The project is going to provide support in three main areas to a local financial institution called FEDinvest, which provides financial services to clients in the rural districts in Albania.  These include: (1) development and implementation of new financial services, (2) development and implementaition of non-financial services, and (3) implementation of new core banking system and branchless banking system to FEDinvest.  PPJ offers expertise to the project in the third area of support.   

  In November 2017, the JICA project team members conducted the initial kick-off meeting in Albania with FEDinvest to discuss and formalize the outline of the project plan and working plan.


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1.Tirana in Albania

2.Farm House in Albania

3.Branch of FEDinvest in farming country side

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