Positive Planet has set itself a mission to help people across the world to create the conditions for a better future for the next generations and, in particular, for their own descendants. It is in the interest of those living today to help future populations, who in turn will continue the chain. Such is the definition of the positive economy.

To achieve its mission, Positive Planet aims to specifically accompany those persons lacking the means to improve the lives of their own descendants, by providing their children with the best environment to grow, learn and achieve their full potential. Drawing on its experience in microfinance and financial inclusion acquired when operating under the name of PlaNet Finance, Positive Planet aims to provide access to a healthy and balanced life for everybody.

Positive Planet mobilizes the support of all its experts for the poor and needy across the world, so that young children and their parents will have access to housing, clean drinking water, education, health, a safe environment, training, and the financing of their projects in order to release their full potential, individually and collectively.

Jacques Attali

Who We Are

       Planet finance Japan is a Japanese non-governmental organization (NGO), established in 2006 with the goal of alleviating poverty by promoting Japan's understanding of and involvlement in microfinance. 

       Out of the evolution of Planet Finance, Positive Planet was created with mission to help men and women across the world create the conditions for a better life for future generations.  Organizaton's name was changed to POSITIVE PLANET JAPAN in August 2016.



     Positive Planet’s mission is to help men and women across the world create the conditions for a better life for future generations.

     Positive Planet was created out of the evolution of PlaNet Finance, whose initial mandate since 1998, was to fight poverty through the development of microfinance. Over the last 20 years, financial inclusion has evolved considerably. From a series of small initiatives, it has become a large-scale movement oering both financial and non-financial services, improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

     Today, the challenge facing us is not so much in pursuing development for the sake of development, but to ensure its quality and long-term orientation. It must be fair, promote a healthy environment, make water and abundant sustainable energy readily available, ensure access to education and health for everyone, and procure housing for all. When development achieves these objectives, it allows everyone, and particularly the poorest, to fulfil their potential for the benefit of future generations, which is the very definition of the positive economy.


     Having developed experience in financial inclusion which remains an important component of our activity, Positive Planet has also conducted projects centered on entrepreneurship, financial education, and the organization of value chains over several years.

      Positive Planet will pursue these activities while widening our oerings to an increasing population. We organize our actions and mobilize experts worldwide to achieve the following objectives: improve people’s access to financial services, education, entrepreneurship, markets, health, housing, water and sanitation, and clean energy.



  • Promote Japan’s understanding of microfinance
  • Mobilize Japan’s human, technological and financial resources in support of the global microfinance movement
  • Build a sustainable organization with a strong commitment to socially responsible behavior

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