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About Positive Planet Group


Why Positive Planet ?

Positive Planet’s mission is to help men and women across the world create the conditions for a better life for future generations.

Positive Planet was created out of the evolution of PlaNet Finance, whose initial mandate since 1998, was to fight poverty through the development of microfinance. Over the last 20 years, financial inclusion has evolved considerably. From a series of small initiatives, it has become a large-scale movement offering both financial and non-financial services, improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Today, the challenge facing us is not so much in pursuing development for the sake of development, but to ensure its quality and long-term orientation. It must be fair, promote a healthy environment, make water and abundant sustainable energy readily available, ensure access to education and health for everyone, and procure housing for all. When development achieves these objectives, it allows everyone, and particularly the poorest, to fulfil their potential for the benefit of future generations, which is the very definition of the positive economy.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


  Creating a better world for future generations


  Development of a positive economy


   Solidarity, Ethics, Exellence, Impanct

Our Presence in the world - Positive Planet Group

 Positive Planet Group offices world wide.

What we do - Positive Planet Group


   Positive Planet offers access to credit facilities for the poorest populations to ensure they have a lasting professional activity.  Set up adaptable microfinance institutions which are rigorously managed and profitable. 


  Enttrepreurship is the first natural response to high unemployment.  Because creating a company means creating one's own employment, Positive Planet aims to help those who, despite being in a preaurious economic situation, are sufficiently motivated to become entrepreneurial.


  Positive Planet organizes inclusive value chains in order to help establish a strong and long-lasting relationship between small producers, be they artisans or farmers, and the market. 


  Access to sanitation and energy. 

PlaNet Finance Achievements

Since 1998, the PlaNet Finance group has developed a range of activities in more than 30 countires in Africa, Latin America and Asia, activities which have facilitated the spread of microfinance together with other MFIs, governments, and commercial banks. We have the following excellent results: 

  • provided technical assistance to the total of 700 MFIs in 60 countries, the equivalent of approximately 3 millions clients
  • delivered professional trainings to 1,700 microfinance practitioners
  • provided 209 MFIs with IT equipment to improve the efficiency in their operations
  • assessed and rated 145 MFIs to support to increase in their fund-raising capacities
  • offered small loans to 15,000 people to start up or expand their businesses
  • supported MFIs' growth by JPY 7 billion raised from our debt and equity funds and
  • created 191 websites aiming at promoting the sectors of MFIs and sharing information on microfinance.

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