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What You Can Do

Support PlaNet Finance Japan's microfinance programs in developing countries

Delivering traning program and technical assistance, PlaNet Finance Japan works to improve the quality of microfinance service and expand the outreach to the poor. Your financial supoprt for our activities to further reach more people who need help to create a sustainable life:

Please arrange it by bank transfer to

Yucho Bank
Account Number: 00140-7-433351
Account Name: NPO Houjin Positive Planet Japan

Minimum amount of donation:
individuals JPY 1,000 ; corporations JPY 50,000 

 For any further assistance, please contact us:

Email: contact@planetfinance.or.jp 
Tel: 03-6809-1306




PlaNet Finance Japan volunteer program

  • Translation
  • Help at events
  • Intern at PlaNet Finance Japan
  • Research

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