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Dissolution and Liquidation of Positive Planet Japan

Dissolution and Liquidation of Positive Planet Japan


NPO Positive Planet Japan has closed its operation and dissolved the non-profit organization after the resolution of the General Assembly Meeting, and completed the Liquidation process as of August 2021.


Since the foundation of the NPO in July 2006, we have been working for promoting Japan’s understanding and involvement in microfinance through various activities, such as providing technical support and training for the microfinance initiatives within Asian and African countries, providing market feasibility study for the Japanese companies to start-up their business in such countries, and also providing supporting works to re-establish and revitalize the disaster affected Tohoku area after the Great East Japan Earthquake by utilizing our knowledge and experience in microfinance. 


However, due to the difficult economic environment in recent years, we found it impossible to continue our NPO operation and came to our conclusion to dissolve the organization and liquidate the assets.  Through our 15 years operation and activities we believe that we have achieved some of our mission to fight against poverty through the development of microfinance and to help women and men to create the conditions for a better world for future generations, everywhere in the world, however the goal of our mission is still far away to go.


We are sincerely thankful to you all and appreciate your helps and supports provided to us, the organization of “Positive Planet Japan” and “Planet Finance Japan” as previously named before. 


We would like to report to you that we have granted the remained asset of Positive Planet Japan to Kesennuma City Government after the liquidation, in order to support the revitalization from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


                                                                                                                                        August 2021     

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