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Raising Awareness

The Challenge of Raising Awareness of Microfinance
"Assisting PlaNet Finance in getting its message across is a unique experience. The first thing you realize is the scale of the task involved: awareness of the idea of microcredit is still in its infancy, not just among the general public, but also many senior figures and those able to shape public opinion. There is still much work to be done in increasing awareness of this issue in people's minds and as part of the public debate."

Jacques Attali, President, PlaNet Finance

PlaNet Finance Japan's activities for public awareness of microfinance

  1. Annual microfinance conference
    PlaNet Finance Japan arranges a day-long conference to bring together leaders in the global microfinance movements. The participants, development specialists from the Japanese government, academics and NGOs, and the representatives of private sectors, discuss various challenges in the microfinance sectors and a role of Japan to addresse those challenges.
  2. Microfinance expert lectures/seminars
    PlaNet Finance Japan has development specialists to provide lectures/seminars on related to microfinance sector to the government, universities and private companies. The topics are not delivered not only as a part of courses of Developmet Economics Studies and International Cooperation, but also Business and Finance for MBA programmes.
  3. Field trips to observe microfinance programs in action
    The PlaNet Finance group has expanded its global network with more than 700 microfinance institutions across 60 countries. At your request, we arrange field visits to observe the operations and support your activities accordingly.
  4. Support for research on microfinance
    PlaNet Finance Japan mobilizes specialists from PlaNet Finance's global network to conduct research on microfinance , which is requested by academia, research institutes and private/public sectors in Japan.
  5. Development of PlaNet Finance e-learning courses
    Translation of 6-course series covering key topics on microfinance is available on our website, which is the first Japanese microfinance training course.
  6. Microfinance career kickstart internship program
    PlaNet Finance Japan offers internship programs for students and supporters, who are interested in microfinance. Field experience in microfinance to interns, for example, encourages interns to become experts in the future. 
  7. Set up of a microfinance library
    PlaNet Finance Japan has created a library with relevant literature and publication in microfinance in order to enhance intellectual bases.
  8. Development of Microfinance course in Universities
    PlaNet Finance Japan supports in establishment of microfinance course in universities, and  two universities have set up the courses. For programing the coursework, the programe of PlanNet Finance Europe and the study material in Planet University are used efficiently.  

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