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PlaNet Finance training programs enable microfinance institutions, regional microfinance networks, APEX institutions, formal financial institutions and governments to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of microfinance services.


PlaNet Finance's training activities

PlaNet Finance develop and offer training programs to support development of microfinance parctitioners to MFIs, borrowers, regulators, development institutions, students and others. PlaNet Finance's training curriculum geared for different audiences, from students to field practitioners. The modules cover key topics in microfinance, such as strategic planning, product design & development, credit & savings management, accounting, fund management, and monitoring & supervision. The training program is designed to serve the needs of both young MFIs and mature financial institutions as well as supervisory bodies and government regulators who want to provide support to the microfinance sector.

■Training Missions

PlaNet Finance Japan's training staff travels around the world to deliver various training programes to local professionals in the fields, such as leadership trainings for management, examination methods for new loans for local loan officers, financial literacy traninig for borrowers and etc.

PlaNet Finance Japan also offers a training programe on the quality of portfolio. In 2011, it was delivered to branch managers and loan officers in First MicrofinanceBank Pakistan along with the examination training. The training was provided with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency. 

■Japanese e-learning Tools

PlaNet Finance Japan offers a free Japanese e-learning course on the web. The course with basic 6 modules cover a range of microfinance topics, resoursed from the total 44 modules' training programes developed by PlaNet Finance Europe. It improves accordingly the accesibility to microfinance for people in Japan who are:

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