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Technical Assistance

PlaNet Finance's technical suport centers are located in Asia, Latin America, Africanand the Middle East, which provide various services designed to build the capacity of individual microfinance institutions (MFIs) or strengthen the sector. 

Capacity building for individual MFIs

PlaNet Finance provides technical assistance to support the consolidation and development of individual MFIs and facilitate their transformation into formal financial institutions.

Its consulting services provided to a broad range of MFIs (NGO-type MFIs, cooperatives, savings & loan institutions, MFIs subject to regulatory oversight and commercial banks), services including the following:

  • Diagnosis - evaluation of strengths and weaknesses
  • Devising new products and services
  • Implementation of scoring methodologies
  • Planning on marketing research strategies
  • Conducting impact study & market research
  • Designing business planning and improvement plan
  • Performing management information system (MIS) audit and evaluation
  • Designing social Performance Management

Microfinance sector strengthening

PlaNet Finance supports the growth of the sector through technical assistance in cooperation with other microfinance field players.

For area-based microfinance networks, our technical support examines business in the region in order to design customized regional strategies with various services and microfinance tools. The following services are available:


  • Delivery of training programs for trainers
  • Resource center
  • Field impact studies & market research
  • IT support
  • Credit bureau
  • Development of portal websites

For banks and financial institutions, our techincal assistance plays a leading role in the development of microfinance sector with following avtivities:


  • Field impact studies & market research
  • Microfinance project support
  • Training of credit officers
  • Supporting in the formation of partnerships
  • Refinancing of MFIs

For governments and central banks, PlaNet Finance technical assistance helps implement appropriate policies to foster the growth of the microfinance sector:

  • Impact studies & market research
  • Defining a national microfinance strategy
  • Implementation of appropriate regulations
  • Improved supervision of microfinance institutions

For APEX institutions and development banks, PlaNet Finance technical assistance helps them support individual MFIs:

  • Impact studies & market research
  • Identification of MFIs
  • Monitoring of microfinance portfolios
  • Training to enable staff to evaluate MFIs

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